Sarah Shalek

Sarah joined Crowe and Mulvey in 2012. Prior to joining the firm, Sarah obtained extensive legal and non-legal experience. She gained experience as a paralegal in a variety of legal settings, experience in marketing and sales, and experience as a teacher and coach. These experiences continue to serve as a tremendous asset for Sarah and her work at Crowe and Mulvey. One example is that Sarah demonstrates an unparalleled compassion for our clients and their unique situations. As part of this compassion, Sarah is steadfastly committed to helping clients understand the litigation process and know that they are supported every step of the way.  Sarah enjoys the close relationship that develops with clients as they proceed through the litigation process as a client of Crowe and Mulvey.

Sarah’s tenacity and personality also serve as tremendous strength during the litigation process. Where some firms see an obstacle, Sarah sees a challenge and opportunity that, with some creativity, will always result in Sarah achieving her goal. We are fortunate to have Sarah on our side.

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL.   
Sarah has lived in the city of Boston for nearly twenty years. She enjoys rooting for all of our local champions, especially, the Boston Red Sox.  She leads an active lifestyle and has a passion for photography and the rocky New England coast.  She likes to spend time with her adventurous terrier mix, Snacks.