Complications That May Arise When Treating Cephalohematoma

While most deliveries are performed safely and by experienced medical professionals, a single act of negligence or malpractice may result in a number of devastating birth injuries. Furthermore, cephalohematoma— a condition in which blood collects in a newborn’s head—may be sustained as the result of even a very minor injury to a newborn during the delivery process. In many cases, further medical action is taken to address cephalohematoma, although in some circumstances, this may eventually cause more harm to the newborn. It is critical, then, that the medical professional charged with the care of your child make the correct decision in reaction to the situation.

Cephalohematoma Complications

Appearing as a bulge or bump on a newborn baby’s head, cephalohematoma usually results from damage to the periosteum. When doctors attempt to treat cephalohematoma, a number of further and very serious complications may arise that significantly endanger the child, including:

  • Nerve damage
  • Tearing of nearby blood vessels
  • Infection
  • Hemorrhage / bleeding
  • Cranial pressure

In some cases, emergency surgery may become necessary to remedy what further damage may have been sustained by the child.

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