Delayed Treatment in Emergency Rooms

Emergency rooms should be a failsafe place for people to seek treatment when they are extremely sick or injured. Unfortunately, these emergency facilities often become overcrowded or busy, prompting doctors and nurses to neglect some of their patients by administering poor treatment or none at all. As a result, the symptoms of these overlooked patients can progress or worsen.

One of the issues that these patients often encounter is a delayed treatment that allows their illness or injury to reach a critical point. The failure to deliver prompt and adequate care can be devastating to an individual’s health as well as cause extensive medical bills and additional physical trauma.

Dangers of Delayed Treatment

When an emergency room doctor fails to correctly treat a patient, regardless of the patient’s affliction, the results can be catastrophic. Some possible dangers of delayed treatment include:

  • Progression of the medical condition
  • Infection of injuries or wounds
  • Fatal heart attacks or stroke
  • Injuries may heal incorrectly

When patients are harmed by an emergency room doctor, it may be necessary for them to take legal action against the responsible party or parties. However, medical malpractice cases involving delayed treatment can quickly become confusing and frustrating. For these individuals, the assistance of an experienced attorney can be crucial.

Contact a New Hampshire Emergency Room Treatment Attorney

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