Effects of Late Diagnosis of Internal Bleeding

The failure to quickly diagnose internal bleeding, which occurs when a damaged artery or vein allows blood to escape and collect inside of the body cavity, can be life-threatening for the affected individual. Often by the time symptoms of internal bleeding have become apparent, a significant amount of blood has already been lost. Because of this, it is critical to diagnose internal bleeding as early as possible.

When internal bleeding is diagnosed late, it may be the result of negligence on the part of the healthcare professional responsible for the patient’s care. The Massachusetts legal team at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP understands how troubling a delayed diagnosis can be and will aggressively pursue those responsible in the civil court system.

Dangerous Effects of Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is most often the result of trauma, either by blunt force or sharp penetration. While internal bleeding in any part of the body is serious, the following sources of internal bleeding are particularly dangerous:

  • Bleeding in or around the brain
  • Bleeding around the heart
  • Bleeding around the lungs
  • Any tear in the large blood vessels near the center of the body

Internal bleeding can be life-threatening and difficult to correct once it has occurred. The condition is only made more severe by a late diagnosis.

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