Misdiagnosis of Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic injuries include damages to a person’s skeletal system, joints, ligaments, or muscles. These types of injuries can be extremely painful, and an incorrect or late diagnosis of an orthopedic injury means proper treatment may be delayed. Individuals with improperly treated orthopedic injuries may experience serious complications or even permanent damage to the injured area.

Although most errors in the diagnosis process can be avoided, mistakes do happen and the medical consequences for the patient can be steep. A physician who fails to diagnose an injury properly and quickly should be held legally accountable for his or her negligence.

Complications Arising from an Orthopedic Injury Misdiagnosis

A person with a misdiagnosed orthopedic injury may experience a range of unwanted complications. Some of the possible complications resulting from late or improper diagnosis include:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Permanent joint damage
  • Nerve injuries
  • Skeletal deformities
  • Paralysis

These complications are easily preventable. Failure to properly diagnose an injury can be considered negligence on the part of the treating physician. If you are suffering from a medical complication due to an improper orthopedic injury diagnosis, you should seek legal action.

Consult with a New Hampshire Orthopedic Injury Misdiagnosis Attorney

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