Prescription Drug Error

Medical negligence comes in many forms. One of the easiest mistakes a healthcare provider can make is failing to properly administer medication to a patient. Instances of prescription drug error is especially damaging because while a patient expects a medication to make them better, the wrong medication could make them feel worse. Mistakes in assigning the correct prescription can prove costly at best and fatal at worst. As a patient, you should be able to trust any healthcare professional to act prudently and take reasonable measures to improve your quality of life. If you have fallen victim to a prescription drug error that caused you injury or suffering, you may be able to hold those responsible for your care accountable. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are all responsible for their actions and can be sued for medical malpractice.

Prescription drug error comes in many forms. It is a healthcare provider’s responsibility to ensure a patient is receiving proper treatment. However, mistakes involving improper drug administration are all too common. The most frequent cases of prescription drug error are:

  • Not administering the right dosage
  • Administering drugs that the patient is allergic to
  • Prescribing the wrong medication
  • Not warning the patient of any side effects
  • Administering drugs in an illegible way that would cause a pharmacist to misinterpret the prescription
  • Mislabeling medication

These cases of medical carelessness can result in unnecessary suffering that can have negative repercussions on your life and impede attempts at recovery.

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