Robotic Surgery Accidents

With new developments in technology changing the face of medicine, hospitals often want to keep pace with this technology and their competition. Robotic surgery is one such relatively recent technological development in some hospitals. It involves robots, monitored by hospital staff, performing surgeries, such as urological, abdominal, gynecological, prostate, or other procedures. While using this technology may seem like the best option, when a doctor, nurse, or other care provider misunderstands its responsibilities or makes a mistake, robotic surgery can be extremely dangerous and cause more harm than good.

Common Accidents

Robotic surgery offers many benefits for hospitals and patients, including being able to perform more procedures, opening up time for doctors and other staff to help others. Unfortunately, robotic surgery, when improperly used or monitored, can lead to accidents involving:

  • Wrong-site surgery
  • Internal bleeding / injury
  • Surgical tools left in the body

These accidents are only too likely when hospital staff members do not fully understand how to monitor or perform a robotic surgery. Sadly, this is a common consequence of developing technology, as it can lead to an untrained or undertrained staff that is not qualified to use this new technology. This negligence on behalf of the hospital can lead to many different robotic surgery accidents, but is something for which the hospital or reckless party should be held responsible.

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