Semi-Trucks and Overweight Loads

Large 18-wheelers can pose a severe threat to other drivers on the road due to their inherent size and weight. This danger can be made even worse when a semi-truck driver or company ignores weight regulations and hauls an overloaded trailer. When a driver operates an 18-wheeler with a dangerously heavy trailer, their ability to control the truck and react to conditions on the road can be severely hindered, leading to catastrophic accidents.

Consequences of Driving with an Overloaded Trailer

An overweight load on an 18-wheeler can lead the driver to engage in a number of dangerous driving behaviors that put other people on the road in danger. Some of the ways a heavy load can affect a driver’s abilities include impeding his or her ability to:

  • Slow down or stop as quickly as necessary
  • Properly maneuver the vehicle, particularly in an emergency situation
  • Control the truck during turns or lane changes

Although laws are in place to regulate the amount of weight an 18-wheeler can haul, many drivers and companies disregard these laws and, subsequently, threaten innocent drivers and passengers on the road. The consequences of semi-truck collisions can be dire, and often include life-changing injuries that involve extensive medical bills and lost wages due to long-term treatments.

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