Boston, Massachusetts Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys

Motorcycles have long been thought of as adventurous transportation alternatives that allow riders to both enjoy the outdoors while traveling and save money on gasoline costs. However, despite the obvious benefits they have for their drivers, motorcyclists can be at serious risk of sustaining traumatic injuries when involved in accidents. Sadly, many drivers fail to drive safely around motorcycles, causing these devastating accidents to happen.

At Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, we know just how much a person in Massachusetts may suffer when he or she is the victim of a motorcycle accident. Fortunately, when these accidents occur as the result of another person’s negligent actions, victims are often able to get justice and compensation.

Costs of Motorcycle Accidents

The costs associated with being in a motorcycle accident are often far greater for the motorcyclist than they are for the other driver, due to the exposed and smaller nature of the motorcycle. Some of the costs you might incur could involve:

  • Repair / replacement of motorcycle
  • Emergency transport / treatment
  • Hospital bills / medical examinations
  • Recurring medical visits
  • Potential wages or job loss due to inability to return to work

Weathering these costs could be difficult, even impossible. However, when another person is at fault for causing the accident, it may actually be their responsibility for covering these and other expenses.

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