Accidents Caused by a Lack of Guardrails

For many drivers, guardrails fall into the category of things you don’t know you need until you do. Guardrails are often designed to be inconspicuous and out of the way for vehicles on the road, and as a result many drivers do not even notice them. However, individuals who have been involved in accidents that occur in areas where guardrails should have been will quickly attest to their immense value. Guardrails prevent all sorts of accidents from occurring and help to limit the damage incurred. Local and state organizations are responsible for maintaining roadways, and this responsibility includes installation and upkeep of guardrail in areas where their presence is necessary. When governing officials fail to place or maintain guardrails┬áthat should have helped mitigate the effects of your car accident, you may have grounds for pursuing compensation from the accountable party.

At Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, we strive to fight any kind of negligent behavior that results in the injury or death of innocent lives. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident that could have been avoided or minimized with guardrails, contact our offices to learn how we can help.

Types of Accidents Associated with a Lack of Guardrails

The following is a list of potentially severe car accidents that occur more frequently when guardrails are not present:

  • Rollover accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • Sliding or rolling off of steep roads
  • Side-swiping accidents

Many incidents involving the above types of accidents could be avoided if the responsible parties were more diligent in installing and maintaining guardrails.

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