Accidents Caused by Lack of Posted Signs

One of the most integral elements of smoothly flowing and safe traffic is the proper posting and visibility of road signs. Road signs are the number one method of communicating road conditions and rules to drivers. Therefore, when these road signs are not posted or damaged to the point that they are unreadable, more accidents are likely to happen and more injuries are likely to occur. Depending on the type of road, local and state organizations in Massachusetts are responsible for maintaining road signs. That means if a sign is not posted properly or a damaged sign is not replaced promptly, it could be the result of negligence.

At Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, we believe that negligence resulting in accidents or injuries cannot go unanswered. If you or someone you know has suffered in an accident related to lack of posted signs, our Massachusetts attorneys may be able to help you.

Important Road Signs

All road signs offer useful information to drivers about the state of the road or highway on which they are posted; however, some signs may offer information that will be more pertinent to maintaining safety than others. When driving, you should always make an effort to see and read signs that denote the following:

  • Speed limits
  • Stop / Yield signs
  • Merging traffic
  • Construction warnings
  • One-way roads
  • Cross traffic
  • Do Not Enter areas
  • Animal crossings

Attending to posted road signs is especially important when driving on roads with which you are unfamiliar, as unexpected curves or changes in speed can result in some of the most dangerous types of car accidents.

Contact a Massachusetts Road Defect Attorney

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