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Failure to Properly Screen for Cancer


The high degree of trust that we place in physicians, as a society, often prevents us from second-guessing the decisions that are made by doctors. So, when a physician fails to order screening tests when one of his or her patients demonstrates symptoms that are consistent with cancer, there is little reason for the patient to be concerned about their health. Unfortunately, if the patient indeed has cancer and is not screened in order to make a proper diagnosis, the sickness will continue to spread unchecked.

Cancer Diagnosis and Screening Cases Our Firm Handles

When they fail to take reasonable steps to protect their patients, medical professionals can be held liable for their malpractice. That being said, if your physician failed to order screening tests despite the fact your symptoms were consistent with some form of cancer, you can and should pursue legal action against your physician. Though every claim will be unique in its circumstances, almost every medical malpractice claim of this kind will seek compensation for the following:

  • The cost of any medical care that is now necessary to treat your cancer
  • The pain and suffering you have been made to experience

There is no reason that you should be in your current situation, and our legal team can help you pursue whatever course of legal action may be necessary to hold the responsible party accountable for his or her malpractice.

Consult With a Cancer and Diagnosis Screening Attorney in New Hampshire

At Crowe & Harris, LLP , we understand how much this case may mean to you and your family, and our firm can help you take any legal action that may be necessary to hold the responsible party accountable for their malpractice. To talk with a New Hampshire cancer and diagnosis screening lawyer at Crowe & Harris, LLP  about the particulars of your situation, please call our offices at (617) 404-3417 today.