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Finding Fault in Commercial Truck Accidents

Due to their size and weight, accidents involving commercial trucks can be even more dangerous and devastating than accidents involving other vehicles. If you or a loved one has been involved in a trucking accident, you may be facing great medical costs and an extended recovery time. Fortunately, you can pursue financial compensation from the party responsible with the help of a personal injury attorney. Assigning fault for the accident, however, is not always so simple. Although it may seem intuitive to blame the truck driver, the accident may have stemmed from negligence on the part of the employer, a mechanical defect in the truck, or some other circumstance.

Who Could Be Liable?

Many commercial trucking companies have worked hard to protect themselves from blame in truck-related accidents. Parties involved in cases like these often spend a great deal of time trying to avoid fault by pointing the finger elsewhere. Parties that may be responsible include the following:

  • Truck driver
  • Owner of the truck or trailer
  • The party that leased the truck or trailer from the owner
  • Manufacturer of the truck, tires, or other parts that may have caused or contributed to the accident
  • Shipper or loader of the truck’s cargo in accidents that involve improper loading

Fortunately, federal laws are working to put a stop to this type of responsibility-dodging by holding companies liable if the truck displays the company’s name or placard at the time of the accident. A truck accident attorney in Massachusetts can evaluate your case and help determine what party was at fault for your accident.

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