Boston University fraternity pledge’s parents sue for wrongful death

A report from The Boston Globe showed that the parents of Anthony Barksdale II, a Boston University freshman, have filed a lawsuit against the national Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, the BU chapter’s 2013 president, vice president, and another brother for allegedly inducing the untimely death of the freshman through a dangerous initiation rite, according to the San Antonio Express-News on May 19.

The plaintiffs are claiming that Barksdale was forced by the fraternity brothers to ingest copious amounts of alcohol at a 2013 pledge party, which directly led to his death. They are suing the defendants for wrongful death.

According to the autopsy made on Barksdale, his blood alcohol level was found to be at .33% when he died.

The lawsuit further alleged that Barksdale fainted while he was at the party sponsored by the fraternity and was declared dead at the scene within a matter of minutes.