Why are hospital errors still so common?

It is normally considered atrocious to let something as self-serving as profit margins determine matters in anything that could influence the welfare of the public. However, according The Modern Voice, money seems to sum up the reality of what America has decided will influence the practice of medicine.

According to critics, President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is to blame for medicine’s problems. Since its approval in 2010, 20 million more Americans now have access to healthcare, making it difficult for doctors and hospitals to handle the sudden influx of patients. Such increases in patient rates are said to cause medical errors such as misdiagnoses, incorrect dispensing of medications, and even unnecessary amputations.

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Anesthesiologist accused of committing serious cataract surgery errors

Dr. Tzay Chiu, an anesthesiologist at a surgery center in Massachusetts, is under investigation for cataract surgery operations that left five patients blind. Each of the five operations occurred on the same day in May of 2014, with four of the surgeries taking place within the same thirty minute time frame.

The Boston Globe reports that patients were heard screaming as Chiu administered the needle in an operating room at Cataract and Laser Center West in West Springfield.

Four of the patients returned the following day complaining that they could not see out of the eye that was operated on, while the fifth patient was left with a blind spot that severely restricted his vision from that eye.

Two of the victims have recently filed a malpractice lawsuit against Chiu.

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Medical errors still common in Massachusetts area hospitals

Springfield-based Baystate Medical Center is aware that medical errors can run rampant, even in a facility that tries its best to minimize such occurrences.

According to The Boston Globe, Baystate may have the highest chance of committing medical malpractice due to unsanitary conditions. The newspaper stated that this statistic is reflective of the current status of medical errors in the state of Massachusetts, which listed a rise in medical errors by 60% this year. The medical errors were all classified as preventable.

In 2015, the nature of medical errors were more operation-oriented, with 26 patients undergoing the wrong surgery, 52 errors concerning the wrong medication assignments that injured or killed patients, and 446 instances wherein surgical devices and pharmaceutical drugs were contaminated. Last year, Massachusetts-area hospitals reported 1,313 medical errors of varying natures.

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Elizabeth Mulvey included in Best Lawyers®

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Family of Waunakee resident files medical malpractice lawsuit

The family of 77-year-old Waunakee resident Thomas Pliner filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court on Friday, August 12 against UnityPoint Health-Meriter in Madison and Dr. Sean Yetman.

Yetman was a doctor at the hospital and operated on Pliner, who died following a heart surgery. The hospital subsequently terminated Yetman, who later surrendered his medical license during an investigation relating to the death. Meriter terminated Yetman in October 2011 after hiring a consultant to review records of the seven patients he operated on during his time at the hospital, state medical examining board records showed. The cases include two deaths, which gave way to a state investigation in 2013 and caused Yetman to surrender his license in 2014.

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New MIT research reveals triple-combination adhesive patch prevent recurrence of colorectal cancer

New studies made by researchers at the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology made the public know of an adhesive patch that can give colorectal tumors a triple-combination of drug, gene, and light-based therapy.

Statistics show that the lifetime risk of developing colorectal cancer for men is around 1 in 21 and around 1 in 23 or women in the United States. Colorectal cancers make their start as a growth or a tumor on the inner lining of the colon or rectum, developing into cancer within 10 to 15 years.

Undergoing an operation sometimes doesn’t equate to the complete removal of the cancerous growths; this is particularly dangerous because the cancer growths can spread to other organs and can lead to the development of cancer in other organs.

However, this new triple-therapy hydrogel patch can be used to ensure that the remaining cells at the tumor site after surgery will not result in recurrence of cancer and will prevent the cancer cells from going to other organs, MIT’s Institute for Medical Engineering and Science research scientist and Boston-based Brigham and Women’s Hospital assistant professor of medicine Natalie Artzi said.

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One in five hospitals unprepared for ‘never events’

According to a new report released by the healthcare nonprofit The Leapfrog Group, 20% of hospitals in the United States do not have adequate safety policies for “never events,” which are medical errors that should never happen to a patient. Occurrences that can be characterized as never events include wrong-site surgeries, objects that remain inside the bodies of patients after surgery, deaths from medication errors, and deaths or serious injuries from falls, among others.

Leapfrog president and CEO Leah Binder argues that the least hospitals can do if they expose their patients to such harm is to ensure that they have a comprehensive policy to mitigate the negative effects of the errors. Binder also says never events should not happen to begin with, noting, “Never events are egregious and they truly should never happen, but at the very least if they do happen, we expect hospitals to take the most humane and ethical approach.”

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Medication errors might be higher than reported

A study conducted by the researchers of the anesthesiology department at Massachusetts General Hospital discovered that half of the surgeries from a pool of 277 cases involved some kind of medication error or negative drug side effects. This sheds light on a larger problem as this rate of medication errors is substantially higher than normal, suggesting that hospital officials might not be reporting all cases. 

These findings also revealed that longer surgical procedures – usually those that last for more than six hours – have a higher possibility of being riddled with problems.

But not all is without hope, with the paper’s lead author Karen Nanji saying, “We definitely have room for improvement in preventing preoperative medication errors, and now that we understand the types of errors that are being made and their frequencies, we can begin to develop targeted strategies to prevent them.”

Nanji stated that before the study was conducted, “the literature on preoperative medication error rates was sparse and consisted largely of self-reported data, which we know under-represents true error rates”.

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Baystate Noble Hospital sued for unclean endoscopy equipment

Westfield, Massachusetts-based Baystate Noble Hospital is accused of endangering the lives of patients by improperly cleaning endoscopy equipment. The hospital staff allegedly were aware of the issue about three years prior to patients being informed about the situation.

According to a 22 WWLP Television news report, Baystate introduced new endoscopy equipment and scheduled these devices for integration into colonoscopy procedures from June 2012 to April 2013. However, the endoscopy equipment had problems with disinfection and sanitation, which were discovered by the state Department of Public Health during a routine inspection. The inspection discovered that only three of the four prongs that came with the new equipment underwent proper cleaning and disinfection. A joint report released by the Department of Public Health and the Director of Clinical Safety and Risk Management for Baystate Noble claimed that at least 293 patients of the hospital had the possibility of being exposed to hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and HIV.

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Study finds ‘rich doctors’ are subject of fewer malpractice lawsuits

A recent study conducted among medical practitioners has shown that doctors and physicians who choose to spend more money on higher quality equipment and medical facilities are less likely to become the target of medical malpractice lawsuits.

The study’s authors analyzed data and interviewed physicians in order to draw its conclusions. One doctor, Anupam Jena, from a hospital in Massachusetts, discussed the concept of defensive medicine. She explained that physicians who are willing to invest in nicer equipment deal with fewer technical mistakes. Her explanation is apparently corroborated by findings of the study, which stated that doctors who do not invest extra money in equipment face a 50% higher risk of malpractice lawsuit.

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