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With such heavy and massive equipment involved, construction employees expect that their employers will do everything in their power to keep construction sites safe. Along with providing safe equipment and properly training employees, the process of keeping individuals around the site safe also includes following certain safety codes. These safety codes are in place to maintain certain practices across construction sites that ultimately make them less dangerous for employees and the public alike. Unfortunately, far too many employers disregard these safety codes, leaving individuals open to serious and even life-threatening injuries.

At Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, our Boston safety code violations lawyers believe that negligent employers who blatantly ignore these vital safety codes should be held accountable for the injuries they cause victims. While it can seem daunting to take on construction companies, our team has the experience necessary to help guide you through the often complicated and difficult legal process.

Common Safety Codes

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the primary source of national safety and health requirements. Employees may file a complaint with OSHA if they feel their workplace is hazardous, even if they are unsure of the specific violation. Workers can file complaints in various ways, including by fax, mail, and online. OSHA prohibits employers from firing or discriminating against an employee for filing a complaint. While OSHA has many regulations for employers to follow, each regulation sets out to do the following things:

  • Provide a safe place of work for employees.
  • Rid the workplace of known or recognized hazards that can cause severe injuries or death. If employers can see, smell, or otherwise sense a hazard, they have a duty to attend to the hazard immediately.
  • Comply with national standards of safety and health.

Employers must allow OSHA inspections in their workplace and are required to keep records pertaining to their particular industry. Some examples of OSHA safety regulations include:

  • Escape routes in case of a fire
  • Proper ventilation
  • Proper sanitation of the workplace
  • Accident prevention methods and training
  • Safe and well-maintained buildings, equipment, and machinery
  • Prevention of exposure to harmful agents or toxic materials

Violations of the regulations outlined by OSHA are often evidence of employer negligence and may be cause to file a claim.

Safety Code Violations on Construction Sites

Employers are rightfully expected to follow OSHA safety codes to their fullest extent, especially on construction sites. However, there are instances where sites are not up to code, causing people to get hurt. A few of the injuries that can occur on an unsafe construction site include:

  • Falling Object Injuries – Construction sites are home to heavy equipment and objects, some of which are used above the ground. Due to this, the risk of falling objects such as handheld tools and materials poses a serious threat to passers-by. This danger can be severely increased when employers do not follow safety codes that relate to the use of equipment when construction workers are on scaffolding or working above the ground. Falling object injuries can be life-threatening in the worst cases, and often lead to traumatic brain injuries.
  • Amputations – When safety codes are violated on construction sites, loss of limbs can be one of the most traumatic injuries. Unfortunately, this is a far too common injury on construction sites due to heavy machinery and frequent use of equipment such as saws.
  • Slip and Fall Injuries – Employers are supposed to provide the proper footwear and floor covering on construction sites to prevent slip and fall accidents. When they fail to do so, employers and individuals can suffer severe injuries as a result of slipping near or on the site.
  • Severe Lacerations – Construction site equipment such as automated saws open individuals and employees to traumatic and sometimes life-threatening lacerations.
  • Exposure to Toxic Substances – Especially when construction workers are on older sites, they can be exposed to deadly substances such as asbestos. However, without the proper safety equipment and without following the safety codes, any site can lead to the public being exposed to toxic materials.
  • Crane Collapse or Other Heavy Machinery – Equipment such as cranes are commonplace on construction sites. A majority of the time, this machinery is used according to the highest safety codes. When an employer is negligent of this or fails to inspect them regularly, equipment such as cranes can collapse, leading to life-threatening injuries.

While construction accidents of any kind can be devastating, those caused by the negligence of an employer can make an already horrifying situation worse. The lawyers at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, know how traumatic these accidents can be to a victim and their loved ones and are dedicated to fighting for your rights.

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