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Due to the hazardous nature of construction sites, even when every precaution is taken and workers are careful, injuries can still occur. Leg injuries are particularly harmful as they not only compromise construction workers’ health, but also add physical limitations that hurt their earning potential.

Being hurt on the job can have lasting consequences, but there is help available. The Boston leg injury lawyers at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, are experienced in cases like these and can help injured construction workers get the financial restitution they need.

Common Leg Injuries in Construction Work

It’s no secret that construction sites can be a trouble spot for injuries with all of the dangerous tools, giant equipment, and heavy lifting involved. However, when these injuries affect the legs, they can incapacitate construction workers, rendering them incapable of earning the wages they rely on. Some of the more common leg injuries that occur at construction sites include:

  • Tendinitis: When the knee or Achilles tendons become inflamed, they can swell, stretch, or tear, all the while causing the worker intense pain. Tendinitis can occur when a tendon is consistently overworked, and can take weeks or even months to recover from.
  • Broken bones: On construction sites, broken legs can be caused by any number of things ranging from falls to structure collapse. Depending on the severity, broken legs can incapacitate construction workers for a few weeks to months at a time.
  • Muscle strain: When a leg muscle is overworked and stretched beyond its limits, as can occur in situations that require heavy lifting, the muscles can get strained, causing extreme pain. Strains typically take several weeks to recover.
  • Dislocation: Dislocation of the knee or hip occurs when the joint’s ligaments are compromised and causes swelling, pain, and difficulty walking. Dislocations are very serious and can even require surgery to correct, adding on to the recovery time.

The Boston leg injury lawyers at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, know that leg injuries like these can put construction workers out of work for months at a time. If you leg injury was a result of unsafe conditions on your worksite, we can work with you to develop the best possible legal strategy for your case.

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