Boston, MA Slip and Fall Lawyers

In order to protect Boston, MA workers and pedestrians from serious accidents, construction sites must be secured properly by keeping walkways clear and hazardous wiring covered. Unfortunately these, and other, necessary precautions are not always taken on Boston, MA worksites, which make workers and passing crowds vulnerable to slip and fall accidents. As the attorneys at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, know, these accidents can cause innocent people to sustain injuries that have long-lasting consequences.

If you suffered an injury after slipping and falling on or near a Boston, MA construction site, you are likely facing costly medical expenses, physical pain, and lost wages. If the accident was caused because of another person’s negligence, you should not be expected to cover the cost of your injury-related expenses alone. Our Boston, MA legal team understands how debilitating slip and fall injuries can be, and we are dedicated to helping you fight for compensation from the liable party.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

When ensuring the safety of a Boston, MA worksite the following potential hazards should be secured:

  • Open manholes
  • Uncovered wiring across walkways
  • Spilled water / wet walking surfaces
  • Scaffolding problems
  • Walkway obstructions

All of these circumstances make a slip and fall accident on a Boston, MA construction site more likely, and if you are hurt in such an accident, our attorneys are ready to fight for your rights.

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