Do I need to gather any information myself?

Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, will request all of the medical records and other information necessary to evaluate and pursue your case. However, you can help by saving any papers or things that are related to your claim. These might include copies of any medical records and correspondence concerning your injury; appointment calendars showing important dates; notes or tape recordings of conversations or other events; emails and voice mails or phone messages; photographs and videotapes of injuries and accident scenes; a product that caused injury; and instruction sheets, warnings or discharge instructions that you receive. It is particularly important for you to save “original” items that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Over the course of time, memories may fade, and documents may be lost or altered, and so your “originals” may become a very important part of your case. We recommend that you get a large envelope or a box and simply add important documents or photographs to it as you find them.

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