Massachusetts may implement CARe program for medical malpractice claims

A program aimed at providing doctors and hospital personnel with a much better and individual way of dealing with medical malpractice issues may be introduced in Massachusetts. The program, dubbed CARe, was introduced by the Massachusetts Alliance for Communication and Resolution following Medical Injury and advocates communication, apology, and resolution (CARe) as a way to more adeptly handle claims of medical negligence, such as wrong diagnosis or surgical error.

The group believes that, in order to lessen the pain and anxiety associated with medical malpractice cases, healthcare providers must first accept the fact that a mistake may have happened during the course of a medical procedure or treatment. The goal of this new method of handling medical malpractice claims is to pave the way for doctors to create a beneficial working relationship with patients by resolving problems together and to alleviate some of the worry about making self-incriminating remarks that many medical professionals have.

The CARe method is now being practiced in six hospitals across Massachusetts.

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