Medical malpractice investigation of dentist whose patient died

Dr. Rashmi Patel, a dentist who has offices in Enfield and Torrington, Massachusetts, appeared before the State Dental Commission on June 18 to answer allegations that he caused the death of one of his patients because of serious negligence and medical malpractice, The Hartford Courant reported.

The charges stemmed when his Ellington patient Judith Gan, 64, died while sedated for bone grafts, the extraction of 20 teeth and implants on February 17. Patel allegedly ignored signs of Gan’s oxygen desaturation and impending respiratory failure. Expert Dr. Gary Pearl asserted that he would never put a patient under sedation for so many procedures at once, especially considering Gan’s history of heart and circulatory problems.

Patel, who is due for another hearing on July 16, has had his dental license revoked.

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