Traumatic Deliveries

A baby’s delivery should be an exciting and joyful time for a family. However, sometimes innocent babies are injured during delivery because of a traumatic delivery process. In most cases, traumatic delivery is the result of a doctor’s careless or negligent handling of labor and delivery. Unfortunately, this terrible act of medical malpractice can leave a new family facing high medical bills and emotional trauma as they struggle to handle their precious infant’s potentially permanent injuries.

Injuries Caused During Traumatic Deliveries

A newborn can suffer serious complications if his or her delivery is mismanaged by the attending physician and medical team. Some of the injuries that might arise due to a traumatic delivery include the following:

  • Head injuries such as cephalohematoma
  • Brain damage including cerebral palsy
  • Nerve damage such as Erb’s palsy
  • Facial paralysis
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Infections

Any of the above injuries can have lasting and sometimes permanent effects on a newborn. Sadly, the cost of treating such birth injuries can be expensive and sometimes beyond the financial means of your family. However, a family who suffers because of delivery room negligence may be entitled to financial compensation from the doctor or medical professional at fault for the traumatic delivery.

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