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Radiology studies, including x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, are used to diagnose many common medical conditions. If these studies are not interpreted correctly, a life-threatening cancer or other medical problem such as an aneurysm or vascular disease can easily go overlooked until it’s too late. Old x-rays or other tests may provide an explanation for why a medical condition went undiagnosed.

Our Massachusetts radiology attorneys represent families throughout New England, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. If you or a family member suffered an injury or death due to a misread x-ray or other radiology test, you may be entitled to seek compensation for any resulting losses and suffering. Contact the Massachusetts radiology lawyers of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, at (617) 426-4488 for a free consultation about your case.

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If you or a family member has suffered as the result of a misread radiology study, we can help you find out what happened. Contact a Massachusetts radiology attorney at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP,today by calling (617) 426-4488 for a free consultation with an experienced member of our medical-legal team.