Medication errors might be higher than reported

A study conducted by the researchers of the anesthesiology department at Massachusetts General Hospital discovered that half of the surgeries from a pool of 277 cases involved some kind of medication error or negative drug side effects. This sheds light on a larger problem as this rate of medication errors is substantially higher than normal, suggesting that hospital officials might not be reporting all cases. 

These findings also revealed that longer surgical procedures – usually those that last for more than six hours – have a higher possibility of being riddled with problems.

But not all is without hope, with the paper’s lead author Karen Nanji saying, “We definitely have room for improvement in preventing preoperative medication errors, and now that we understand the types of errors that are being made and their frequencies, we can begin to develop targeted strategies to prevent them.”

Nanji stated that before the study was conducted, “the literature on preoperative medication error rates was sparse and consisted largely of self-reported data, which we know under-represents true error rates”.

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