Military family wins $6.5 million medical malpractice lawsuit

Darnall Army Medical Center in Fort Hood, Texas settled a $6.5 million lawsuit with Kasie and Higinio Rivera after the Rivera’s son, Haiden, sustained brain-damage upon his delivery.

The Rivera’s filed the medical malpractice lawsuit against Darnall Army Medical Center in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Austin after Haiden’s birth on Sept. 12, 2008.

According to the lawsuit, the nurses frequently turned off the oxytocin to match the baby’s slow heart rate, and despite the nurses’ protests, the doctors had it turned on again. The surplus of oxytocin overstimulated Kasie Rivera’s contractions and endangered the infant.

The Rivera’s son, Haiden, suffered from extreme oxygen deprivation. He is now five-years-old. He is unable to speak and walk, and he must be fed through a feeding tube. Through the legal proceedings, the Rivera’s wanted “to make sure [Haiden] has the things he will need to have the best possible life.”

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