$1.4 million settlement for brain injured child

The family of a four-year-old New Hampshire boy has received a $1.4 million settlement to help provide care the boy needs as a result of a brain injury suffered a birth. The boy’s mother had called the defendant obstetrician’s office to report that she had not felt the baby move since the previous day, a potential warning sign of problems with the baby. She was told to keep her appointment the next day. When she did so, the defendant doctor failed to order testing to determine whether the baby was in distress. She was seen again the next day, and again the doctor ordered no testing. Four days after the mother’s initial complaint, the doctor ordered non-stress testing, which showed serious abnormalities in the baby’s heart rate. The infant was delivered by Cesarean section, but had suffered a brain injury due to lack of oxygen. He was significant mental and physical delays, and had to have his right forearm amputated because of the lack of blood flow to the limb