$1 million verdict for construction worker’s back injury

A Middlesex County jury awarded $1,000,000 plus interest to compensate a 54-year-old ironworker for back injuries he suffered when fell from a steel frame that collapsed. A subcontractor on the site had placed several bundles of wire mesh on the second floor of the steel beams, which had not yet been secured in place. While the ironworker was laying plywood in preparation for the next stage of construction, the girders collapsed and he fell ten feet to the ground. He suffered a back injury which could not be treated surgically, and was unable to continue his career as an ironworker, the only job he had ever held. The trial took an unexpected turn when the construction company produced a last-minute witness who testified that he had placed the wire mesh on the frame immediately before the accident, and that the company was unaware of his action. Crowe & Mulvey successfully impeached the testimony of this surprise witness by locating a company document proving the man was not on the work site when he claimed to have placed the mesh.