$1,500,000 Settlement For Failure to Properly Evaluate Coronary Artery Disease

The wife and thirteen-year-old daughter of a 50-year-old New Hampshire man received a $1,500,000 settlement after he died of a heart attack due to severe coronary artery disease. The man appeared extraordinarily healthy and exercised vigorously on a daily basis, but had occasionally noticed some burning in his chest along with nausea. His primary care physician obtained an EKG which showed evidence of a possible prior heart attack, and referred the man to a cardiologist for further management. The cardiologist obtained a stress EKG and a nuclear stress test which both showed evidence of ischemia or narrowing of his main arteries. The cardiologist, who was going on vacation, decided to wait until the patient’s next office visit to inform the patients of the result and to schedule further testing. The man died of a sudden heart attack before that next appointment.