$2,000,000 Settlement for brain Injured Adult Following Out-Patient Surgery

A 37-year-old mother will receive $2 million as compensation for a brain injury suffered during out-patient surgery to treat her recurrent sinus infections. During the procedure, the woman’s blood pressure began to rise, and was treated with three successive doses of Labetalol. Crowe & Mulvey discovered that the anesthesiologist did not record any of the woman’s vital signs for eighteen minutes after he gave Labetalol. Immediately following this eighteen minute period, the medical records revealed that the patient’s blood pressure was too low to be measured, that she was blue, and that her heart had flat-lined. By interviewing nearly a dozen hospital employees, Crowe & Mulvey learned that a shift change was taking place during this critical period.  A code blue was eventually called, and, although the patient was able to be resuscitated, she had already suffered permanent brain damage. The case settled well before trial for $2 million, which was the entire amount of the doctor’s insurance policy.