$5,000,000 Settlement for Nurses’ failure to diagnose And Treat Preeclampsia

The family of a young boy with severe cerebral palsy will receive $5,000,000 settlement to help cover the cost of his medical care. The boy’s mother arrived at the hospital early one morning with chest pain, a headache, and vomiting, classic signs of pre-eclampsia. A fetal monitor strip showed a concerning pattern, raising questions about the baby’s well-being. Due to a shift change, the nurses did not take the mother’s blood pressure for more than an hour after her arrival. When the mother’s blood pressure was finally taken, it was severely elevated. The mother was taken for an emergency Cesarean section, but the baby had already suffered a brain injury due to a lack of oxygen. One of the nurses claimed that she had attempted to take the mother’s blood pressure, but that the machine was not working. Crowe & Mulvey successfully obtained maintenance and repair records to demonstrate the falsity of this claim, and the availability of numerous other blood pressure machines. The case settled approximately one month before trial for $5,000,000.