Sen. Richard Moore talks about transparency in medical malpractice reform

Although Sen. Richard T. Moore sponsored the landmark Massachusetts Health Reform Law (Chapter 58 of the Acts of 2006), which took effect almost seven years ago to provide nearly universal access to health care, the need to lessen health care payment costs is still an issue.

On Monday, March 18th, 25 health care groups and executives from the business and education sectors gathered at the Milford Regional Medical Center to listen to Sen. Moore’s speech about the regional impact of last year’s health reform law on community hospitals.

With the aim of limiting growth in health care spending by 3.6 percent for 2013, Sen. Moore emphasized the need for alternative payment methods, such as a set fee per patient regardless of treatment required, and increased transparency in medical malpractice reform based on the “communication, apology and resolution,” or CARe model, among others.

The move from care to healthy living is the key, according to Sen. Moore. He added that guidelines on this topic will be published by the state Department of Public Health.

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