New rules require Massachusetts surgeons log time in OR

Under the new rule approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine on Thursday, January 7, surgeons would have to record the exact time they enter and leave each operating room. This new rule would is designed to better keep track of surgeons’ presence in ORs in order to mitigate problems that arise from the practice of double booking surgeries.

This ruling comes in response to a series of claims made by The Boston Globe Spotlight Team, who wrote an extensive report about surgeons who perform multiple operations in the same time slots in Massachusetts. The issue raises a significant debate; in fact, one doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital was dismissed in August 2015 for voicing his opinion against the scheduling technique.

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Resolution programs enacted at Massachusetts hospitals

CARe is a new system enacted by two Massachusetts hospitals to encourage greater resolution between medical malpractice victims who want closure and the medical facilities that may have made a mistake, New England Public Radio reported on October 2.

Previously, hospitals would deny and allegations of medical malpractice and aggressively defend against them. However, this prevents families from getting closure and also stops hospitals from improving. Baystate Health and Beth Israel Deaconess are spearheading the program to make it possible for patients to know the truth about their case and what will be done to prevent future occurrences of error.

The program is entitled CARe, which stands for communication, apology, and resolution. After reviewing 100 cases, Baystate administrators found six they believe deserved an apology and further resolution. In some cases, compensation was included, although how much and to whom was not disclosed.

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Health information technology essential in preventing medical malpractice lawsuits

Health information technology may be the answer to avoiding medical malpractice lawsuits by preventing misdiagnosis, a report from the JAMA Internal Medicine journal stated.

Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers studied malpractice cases covered by Massachusetts’s two largest medical liability insurers since January 2005 to December 2009.

According to the research, most errors in diagnoses stem from failures in physical check-ups, evaluating symptoms, and gathering facts about the patient’s family’s medical history; failure to submit the patient to laboratory tests; and forgetting to follow up with the patient.

Lead author Dr. Gordon Schiff said that more than 25% cases filed in the National Practitioner Data Bank involving medical malpractice payouts are comprised of diagnostic errors.

Other contributors to malpractice claims include medications, medical treatment, and communication.

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