Two Mass. General doctors to pay $4.5M for patient’s death

Two doctors from Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Alasdair Conn and Dr. George Velmahos, will pay the estate of 62-year-old Plymouth resident Geraldine Moran $4.5 million due to allegations that they failed to take action that might have prevented the woman’s death.

According to the lawsuit, Moran fell from the top of a 6-foot-tall ladder in her home while cleaning on March 23, 2005, breaking several ribs. She was first taken to the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth, formerly called Jordan Hospital, where her pelvis and chest areas were examined and it was discovered that she had several broken ribs, one in a very dangerous location near her aorta.

Doctors at Beth Israel suggested that she be taken to Massachusetts General Hospital, as they would be in a better position to treat her injuries. The lawsuit alleged that Conn and Velmahos, the doctors who examined her at Mass. General, failed to order chest imaging exams on Moran, or address the broken rib next to her aorta. The broken rib punctured her aorta overnight, resulting in cardiac arrest and her death.

CDC report shows flu is spreading rapidly

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently reported that the flu is widespread in at least 35 states.

The CDC’s report also showed that the number of people scheduling medical consultations has increased by 4% in the past week, a two-fold increase compared to the beginning of the month.

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Research shows certain banned doctors in the U.S. not susceptible to license revocation

In a study done by USA Today, records showed that some doctors who have been banned by hospitals or other medical institutions have yet to receive punishment from medical boards that conduct licensure of said doctors, meaning their licenses are still not revoked and they are still allowed to practice medicine.

The records came from the National Practitioner Data Bank, which aids medical boards in tracking doctors’ license documents, malpractice payments, and disciplinary actions given by their respective hospitals, HMOs, and other medical organizations.

According to the research:

  • Fifty-two percent (more than 3,000 physicians) of nearly 6,000 doctors who were banned or disciplined by their hospitals from 2001 to 2011 were never fined, or punished with a license restriction, suspension, or revocation.
  • Nine hundred doctors from the same time period were cited for substandard care, negligence, incompetence, or malpractice, but kept practicing with a medical license.

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More medical errors occurring in Massachusetts

More preventable mistakes made during surgical and invasive procedures are being reported in a large number of hospitals in Massachusetts despite an ongoing and extensive campaign to lessen such unnecessary errors from occurring.

In fact, according to a recent article by the Boston Globe, state data shows that hospitals in Massachusetts are likely to have nearly 100 surgical errors in 2012, a figure calculated based on the numbers from the first half of 2012. If the final data for 2012 matches this prediction, it will be a 65% increase from 2011.

Despite a campaign to reduce the number of medical errors made being set in motion in 1999 after an alarming report by the Institute of Medicine showed that unnecessary medical error caused the death of several thousand patients, these numbers are the highest since Massaschusetts started recording this data. According to Dr. Madeleine Biondolillo, director of Health Care Safety and Quality, this may be the result of hospitals discovering more errors and reporting them, rather than the number of actual errors actually increasing.

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