Harvard study surveys Massachusetts residents on medical errors

According to a poll recently published by the Harvard School of Public Health, 23% of respondents had been personally involved in a situation wherein they or a loved one or close relative suffered from a preventable medical error, according to an article published on Lexology.

The most common form of medical error was the misdiagnosis of a condition, and half of the cases in which those surveyed responded affirmatively involved serious injury as a result. 54% of those who experienced medical negligence reported the incident, primarily to prevent a similar error from occurring in the future.

Aside from who actually experienced malpractice, the vast majority of respondents valued transparency. 90% of those polled said healthcare professionals and facilities should be required to report medical errors and inform patients if any mistakes were made, while 94% of the respondents said the number and type of errors made should become public knowledge.

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Most Massachusetts medical malpractice claims caused by misdiagnoses

A study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine showed that a huge number of medical malpractice claims filed in Massachusetts are caused by misdiagnosis. Researchers examined resolved claims data from two insurance carriers in Massachusetts from 2005 to 2009.

Out of 7,224 medical malpractice claims during the five-year timeframe, 551 were from primary care practices constituting of failures in diagnosis (397 cases, 72.1%); medication (68 cases, 12.3%); other medical treatment (41 cases, 7.4%): communication (15 cases, 2.4%); patients’ rights (11 cases, 2%); and patient safety and security (eight cases, 1.5%).

The study also showed that primary care malpractice cases generate more settlements or results for the plaintiff than non-general medical malpractice claims.

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