Middlesex jury awards Massachusetts family $14 million

This week a Massachusetts jury awarded a family $14 million for an elderly woman’s wrongful death in 2008. This is the largest amount that a Middlesex County court has has awarded for a nursing home negligence case in decades. Attorney Elizabeth Mulvey was recently interviewed by The Boston Globe regarding the outcome of the trial.

In the summer of 2008, 90-year-old, Genevieve Calandro was rushed from her nursing home to a nearby Massachusetts hospital where doctors discovered that she had an infected bed sore, a serious case of appendicitis, a urinary tract infection, untreated diabetes, kidney failure, and dehydration. Though the hospital tried to address and reverse her infections, Calandro died in August of 2008, a month after being admitted to the hospital.

Calandro’s death prompted her family to sue the Radius HealthCare Center for gross negligence. $12.5 million of the total $14 million that the family received from the Radius HealthCare Center was for punitive damages. Attorney Mulvey mentioned that this large monetary award will likely send a message to other nursing home facilities that negligence will not be tolerated.

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