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All of the following testimonials are from our actual clients – we do not publish names or initials to protect the privacy of our clients. All testimonials here are shared with our clients’ permission.

"Crowe and Mulvey actually does it!"

5 stars

There are a lot of firms that talk about what they can do for you. Crowe and Mulvey actually does it!

"…true asset to your firm and a credit to their profession…"

5 stars

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to Thank your firm and especially Florence Carey for the compassionate and professional manner in which my wrongful death case was handled. Both she and Attorney Phil Crowe are a true asset to your firm and a credit to their profession.

"Being a Client of Crowe and Mulvey resulted in making the best choice for William."

5 stars

Days after our second child William was born and sent home from the hospital with perfect APGAR scores, Elizabeth my wife and I noticed William was feeding slower than what we thought was typical. We alerted our pediatrician several times. Each time we either met or spoke with our pediatrician or pediatricians practice, we were told that it was typical infant behavior. Not satisfied we brought William to the emergency room. If we had not acted as we did William may not be with us today. As William’s condition stabilized we began searching for answers on the why’s and how’s something like this could happen. We just knew something was not right.

After three years of sharing the details of William’s traumatic experience and still searching for answers we were referred to Liz Mulvey by an administrator of a social services organization. From our first meeting with Liz Mulvey we began to feel that someone could help make sense of what went wrong when William was only days old. Over the several years of meetings and depositions Crowe and Mulvey was responsive to our family and work schedules. Liz Mulvey and Florence Carey would take time before and after each meeting with the defendants’ council to explain what transpired and to the extent it had on the malpractice case. Being a Client of Crowe and Mulvey resulted in making the best choice for William. Crowe and Mulvey secured top medical witnesses to advocate for William at trial/arbitration. We were most impressed with how prepared Liz Mulvey and her team were when presenting William’s case. The doctors were represented by all the big name Boston law firms, the precision and expertise of how Liz Mulvey examined and cross examined the doctors as well as presented and disputed evidence was masterful. Through the proceedings the Crowe and Mulvey team uncovered what happened to William and accurately portrayed the negligence in a formal setting that resulted in a substantial award for William.

17 years later while Williams has substantial cognitive learning and physical disabilities due to a bacterial infection. The award that was won because of Crowe and Mulvey’s dedication and expertise allows for William to receive additional therapies that are not approved by health insurance. We also have the peace of mind that the award will help William not be a future financial burden on his two sisters after we are gone.

"Working with the professional staff at Crowe & Mulvey surpassed our expectations during a difficult time in our lives."

5 stars

Working with the professional staff at Crowe & Mulvey surpassed our expectations during a difficult time in our lives. Everyone treated us with sincerity, dignity, and respect through the entire duration. The empathetic behaviors of those working directly with us was comforting and encouraging.

"When some said it couldn’t happen, Liz stood by our side."

5 stars

We were told to forget Medical Malpractice – – “you can never win” and basically gave up. Upon hearing our son’s tragic story a caseworker we met with said you need to meet Liz Mulvey. This sounds like a case she would be interested in. Although our case wasn’t cut and dry, Liz believed from our very first meeting that our son was neglected and that he deserved to be compensated for this negligence.

When some said it couldn’t happen, Liz stood by our side. Over the years she put in extraordinary effort to uncover the truth and find a way for our son to receive a monetary award for his lifelong care.

Having Liz and her colleagues by our side the entire way was an extraordinary comfort and we will be forever grateful for her willingness to take us on as clients and relentless pursuit of the truth and justice for our son and family.

"You will not find a more compassionate professional team"

5 stars

You can look all over the state or the region for that matter; you will not find a more compassionate, professional team.