Massachusetts Trucking Negligence Lawyer

The sheer size of large commercial trucks and the force they have when driving at even low speeds requires trucking companies and drivers to exercise considerable care in the operation and maintenance of these vehicles in order to prevent unnecessary risks to public safety. Unfortunately, it is all too common for trucking companies and truck drivers to ignore this responsibility, potentially placing others at risk of suffering serious physical trauma, including spine and brain injuries, or even death.

At Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, we know that many people in Massachusetts are victimized by the negligence of truck drivers and trucking companies, and believe that these victims of trucking negligence shouldn’t have to pay for the consequences of someone else’s irresponsible behavior. Fortunately, compensation may be available to those in this position. By filing a legal claim against the trucking company or truck driver responsible for the accident, many victims are able to get the financial compensation and justice they deserve.

Examples of Trucking Negligence

Trucking negligence can encompass a range of different dangerous behaviors, including:

These and other forms of trucking negligence cannot and should not be tolerated. Any trucking company or truck driver that causes harm to others should be held accountable for the consequences of their negligence.

Talk to a Trucking Negligence Attorney in Massachusetts

As the victim of an accident caused by trucking negligence, we at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP believe you should not be the one to shoulder all the burdens and consequences of the accident. Speak with a lawyer from our skilled team about your options for holding the trucking company or driver accountable for their negligence today by calling (617) 426-4488. With our help, you may be able to obtain much-needed compensation for your losses.