Massachusetts Alcohol-Related Truck Accident Attorneys

The consequences could be dire for any driver who chooses to drive while intoxicated, but 18-wheelers have significantly more potential to cause damage than other cars on the roads. There is no excuse for truck drivers under the influence of alcohol, whose reprehensible actions often result in the serious injury or death of others on the road.

The Massachusetts truck accident attorneys of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, understand that you and your family are likely facing great challenges in the wake of a truck accident caused by a negligently drunk driver. As you focus on physical and emotional recovery, our Massachusetts legal team may represent your rights and interests in the pursuit of financial compensation from the truck driver and any other party found responsible.

Holding Intoxicated Truck Drivers Fully Responsible

While nothing can completely erase the mental, emotional, and physical damage inflicted during accidents caused by drunk truck drivers, our Massachusetts attorneys may do everything we can to recover compensation for you and your family’s pain and suffering. Specifically, we may pursue financial compensation on your behalf for any of the following:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Wrongful Death
  • Property Damage
  • Medical Bills
  • Rehabilitation Costs

A careless truck driver can wreak havoc on your life, but you do not have to face the aftermath of a damaging truck accident on your own. Our Massachusetts legal team has experience pursuing claims like this, and we may help you throughout every step of the process.

Contact a Massachusetts Truck Accident Attorney

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