Massachusetts Drug-Related Truck Accident Lawyers

Every individual who gets behind the wheel of any vehicle should always behave in a responsible manner. This is especially true for commercial truck drivers in Massachusetts, who operate massive vehicles with the potential to cause a great deal more damage than other, smaller vehicles. When Massachusetts truck drivers choose to operate their vehicles recklessly by taking drugs, the consequences can be severe and, moreover, should have been entirely preventable.

There is no excuse for a negligent truck driver who chooses to operate his vehicle while under the influence of drugs in Massachusetts. If you have been the victim of such an irresponsible driver, the Massachusetts truck accident attorneys at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, may provide dedicated representation on behalf of you and your family in the pursuit of financial compensation from the driver and any other parties found responsible.

Regulations and Standards for Trucking Companies

According to federal laws and regulations, commercial truck drivers in Massachusetts and elsewhere are prohibited from using controlled substances unless they have been prescribed by a licensed physician who was made well aware of the driver’s career, responsibilities, and medical history. In addition to these rules imposed by the federal government, trucking companies are required to:

  • Test their drivers for illicit drug use
  • Administer random periodic tests to drivers, especially after accidents involving fatalities

When trucking companies fail to properly test their drivers regularly or under suspicious circumstances, they may also be held liable after an injurious truck accident.

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