Driving During Adverse Conditions

Inclement weather can affect an automobile of any size, but can prove especially dangerous for 18-wheelers. When a semi-truck driver fails to operate such a massive vehicle appropriately in poor weather conditions, the resulting accidents can be catastrophic.

Sadly, innocent and unsuspecting drivers on the road can quickly suffer serious injuries as a result of these accidents. At Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, our Massachusetts truck accident lawyers believe that individuals involved in these accidents should not be forced to shoulder the financial burden of their injuries when a careless truck driver was ultimately responsible for their suffering.

Dangers of Driving in Inclement Weather

Weather can severely impair a semi-truck driver’s ability to drive safely and, unfortunately, far too many truckers exhibit the following dangerous behaviors:

  • Failing to slow down for rain, fog, or areas of the road that are icy
  • Inability to stop in time on wet or icy roads
  • Driving without headlights in rain or fog
  • Failing to watch trailers during adverse conditions
  • Failing to maintain an appropriate distance from other vehicles when driving in bad weather

Severe weather conditions pose a serious threat to drivers on the road, especially when truck drivers fail to respond safely in these situations. Victims of these accidents can be left with extensive medical bills and other expenses in addition to significant physical and emotional trauma. Because of this, our team at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, is committed to helping victims understand their full range of legal options.

Contact a Massachusetts Truck Driver Negligence Lawyer

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