Massachusetts Mercury Poisoning Lawyers

Mercury is a natural substance that cannot be created by people, but people can and do mismanage this dangerous substance regularly. Without proper disposal of products that contain mercury, like many waste products, mercury’s dangers can be an imminent threat to innocent people. Unfortunately, many Massachusetts residents are coping with the effects of mercury exposure and mercury poisoning that resulted from an unsafe premise.

The Massachusetts mercury poisoning attorneys of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, understand the great challenges that mercury exposure can bring to one’s health and finances. When a property owner fails to perform proper inspection and maintenance to ensure a safe premise free of mercury hazards, he or she should be held entirely accountable for mercury exposure and related expenses. Our Massachusetts legal team may help you pursue the funds you need to recover.

Dangers of Mercury Poisoning

Mercury poisoning poses many health threats to Massachusetts residents. Although not everyone will experience every symptom of mercury poisoning, some of the common side effects include:

  • Vision impairments
  • Lost coordination
  • Speech / communication complications
  • Hearing complications
  • Loss of feeling

All of these side effects can complicate a person’s day-to-day activities and can result in lasting health effects. No one deserve to be the innocent victim of mercury poisoning, and an experienced Massachusetts personal injury lawyer can help you best understand what your options are as a victim.

Contact a Mercury Poisoning Lawyer in Massachusetts

If you or a loved one has suffered any negative effect from mercury exposure in Massachusetts, then you might be eligible to receive financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Talk with the Massachusetts mercury poisoning attorneys of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, today by calling our offices at (617) 426-4488, and learn much more about your legal options and how we can help you.