Massachusetts Drowning Attorneys

Thousands of families suffer a loss each year due to a loved one drowning. While many of these cases are accidental, some are due to a negligent party. After losing a loved one to drowning, families must grieve and emotionally recover from their loss. In cases of near drownings, the victim is often unable to make a full recovery because of the brain damage associated with the accident. Burdensome medical fees often accompany brain injuries and other drowning injuries.

At Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, our legal team knows how devastating drownings and near drownings can be. We feel that no family should lose a loved one as the result of a reckless or negligent party. Wrongful death by drowning is serious, and often a victim’s family is entitled to compensation for their tragic loss. Our Boston drowning lawyers are prepared to help families fight for any compensation they may deserve.

Types of Negligence that Cause Drowning

Though negligence is not always the cause of drowning, there are multiple types of negligence that can cause drowning or near drowning to occur. Some examples of negligence that can lead to drowning include the following:

  • Lack of a lifeguard or lack of properly trained lifeguards
  • Negligent operation of a pool or waterway
  • Using physical force to drown someone
  • Faulty flotation devices
  • Unmaintained swimming areas
  • Boating accidents
  • Not adhering to swimming pool regulations

If you believe that any of the above circumstances caused the drowning of your loved one, please contact a lawyer because your family may be entitled to compensation.

Regulations for Public Swimming Pools

Both state governments and the federal government have set requirements and safety standards to which public pools are legally required to adhere. Unfortunately, many public pools lack the oversight or funds to make changes required to keep the pool safe. Some of the regulations put in place by the government include the following:

Drain cover installation to prevent deaths due to high suction
Fencing around the pool with a locked gate to prevent people from falling in
Proper signage displayed around the pool

If you feel that your loved one was a victim to drowning or near drowning because of a faulty pool, spa, or hot tub, you may be eligible for compensation.

Contact a Drowning Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

Drownings and near drownings are devastating for a victim’s family members, who are often left with financial burdens during their time of grief. Near drownings can be especially expensive, and medical bills may plague the remainder of the victim’s life. At Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, our legal team has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for victims of drowning deaths and injuries. Our lawyers believe your family should never have to suffer a loss because of someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior. If your family lost a loved one due to drowning, call (617) 426-4488 today for a free consultation.