Camille Pelosi

Camille Pelosi joined Crowe and Mulvey in 2008.  Camille is the first face and first voice that everyone encounters when they call or arrive at Crowe & Mulvey. In addition to being a smiling and welcoming face and voice for Crowe & Mulvey, Camille is also in charge of medical and non-medical record management in the office. This means that Camille supervises the procurement of medical and many non-medical records from all over the country. Throughout her career at Crowe and Mulvey, Camille’s commitment and personality have allowed her to build relationships with the keepers of these records. This means that Camille will obtain records not easily obtained by other people. Further, her attention to detail means that requests never fall through the cracks and records are always obtained in a timely manner. In addition to handling the procurement and payment of the requested records, Camille also ensures that all obtained records and films are scanned, catalogued, and backed up in Crowe and Mulvey’s secure electronic storages systems. Camille also maintains Crowe & Mulvey’s evidence locker so that evidence is always secure and where it should be. Camille describes herself as a perfectionist, as very organized, and as a very social person. Not only are these accurate descriptions of Camille, but they have allowed her to excel in every aspect of her job. She is beyond comparison as a person and in her work with Crowe and Muvley.

On a personal level, Camille and her husband recently became grandparents to a beautiful baby boy.  When asked about being a grandparent, Camille says, “This is the biggest blessing of my life.”