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How an Attorney May Assist With Insurance Claims


The emotional and physical trauma associated with many car accidents can be almost too much to bear. At some point in the recovery process, an accident victim will also be confronted by the financial damages associated with his or her accident. Depending upon the exact circumstances of the accident, anyone injured in an accident is likely to expect their own insurance—or that of the other driver—to cover most, if not all, of the financial damages associated with their injuries.

When You Should Consult With an Attorney

Unfortunately, many insurance providers are either slow to respond to insurance claims or, alternatively, will attempt to undercut or altogether deny a valid claim. As such, if your insurance company engages in any of the following behaviors, it will likely be necessary for you to seek legal representation:

  • If your claims adjuster attempts to pressure you into a quick, unfair settlement
  • If the compensation the insurance company dispenses does not fully cover expenses
  • If the statute of limitations in Massachusetts will soon prevent you from challenging a past claim

Our legal team does everything we possibly can to protect the rights of our clients and see that insurance companies honor the exact terms of their policies.

Consult With a Massachusetts Insurance Claims Attorney

At Crowe & Harris, LLP , our Massachusetts insurance claims attorneys understand what it will take to help you ensure that your insurance company—or that of the driver who hit you—honors their full financial commitment to you under the exact terms of your policy or those of the other driver’s policy. To discuss the particulars of your accident with one of our personal injury lawyers, please call our Massachusetts offices at (617) 404-3417 today.