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Liz Mulvey to Present at AAJ National Meeting


Liz Mulvey will speak on cross-examination at the American Association for Justice’s Winter Convention in Miami, Florida, on February 12, 2013.  The annual event brings together lawyers from all over the country for educational programs on various topics related to the representation of injured victims.

Mulvey’s lecture, entitled “Rules of the Road in Medical Negligence Cases – Cross Examination,”  will focus on how to use common-sense principles to cross-examine medical experts.  She will join a panel of noted lawyers from across the country as part of a five-day advocacy track designed to help lawyers present their clients’ cases in a persuasive and effective fashion at trial.

The “Rules of the Road” approach, pioneered by trial lawyers Pat Malone and Rick Friedman, aims to help lawyers develop rules of conduct for different situations that help to frame the important issues for the jury.  Mulvey will discuss how to use the Rules of the Road in medical malpractice cases to conduct an effective cross-examination of defense expert witnesses and to help jurors understand why adherence to these rules is required for patient safety.

Mulvey, who has taught the trial practice to lawyers from across the country, advocates an aggressive approach to cross-examination that attempts to establish important elements of the plaintiff’s case through the defense experts and to focus on areas for which the experts may not be well-prepared.  Her techniques have led to many memorable examinations and courtroom successes.

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