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Does Dangerous Weather Excuse Negligence?

tire in the rain

As winter comes, so too do inclement weather conditions. The rain, snow, wind, and heavy fog can play a crucial role in road safety. However, when an accident occurs because of the weather conditions, drivers involved often claim that the crash occurred because of the weather.

One thing to know is the weather does not excuse negligence. Drivers must still put safety first, and when they don’t, it can result in severe injuries. Dangerous weather can factor in crashes, but drivers can still hold responsibility when they don’t put safety first. Below, we’ll explain how driver negligence can play a role in weather-related crashes.

Failure to Drive Safe for Conditions

Drivers must consider the weather conditions any time they get behind the wheel. For instance, posted speed limits may be too fast for someone driving in the rain or snow. Drivers must assess the situation whenever they drive to determine if their actions are reasonable and safe.

Driving safe for conditions can include:

  • Slowing down for the conditions
  • Using chains on tires when necessary
  • Giving enough room when visibility is low

Drivers who don’t consider the weather conditions can lose control and crash into you. These types of crashes can cause some of the worst injuries.

Failure to Maintain Vehicle

Drivers must also maintain their vehicles for any situation they may encounter. When it comes to weather conditions, some maintenance can include checking tire tread, brakes, windshield wipers, and more to ensure you have visibility and can stop when necessary. A driver who loses control or crashes because they didn’t maintain their vehicle is liable for damages they cause.

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