New Hampshire Robotic Surgery Lawyers

Increasingly, hospitals throughout the country are coming to rely on robotic surgery devices to help perform some of the more difficult procedures that patients may need. While these devices can provide an unrivaled level of precision, they are not without safety concerns. In fact, a growing number of patients have experienced serious health complications as a result of robotic surgery.

Surgical errors that occur during robotic surgery may not be noticed until complications develop, placing patients at risk of suffering serious injury or even death. Should these errors be due to the poor design of the robotic surgical device or a medical professional’s negligence, it may be possible for a victim to hold the responsible party liable for any repercussions their negligence causes. As we at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, know the difficulties that the many patients in New Hampshire who have been the victims of a robotic surgery gone wrong suffer, the compensation that a medical malpractice lawsuit may provide can be invaluable.

Reasons Robotic Surgery Causes Patients Harm

There are a number of ways in which a robotic surgery can result in a patient’s undue suffering, including:

  • Device malfunction
  • Lack of appropriate surgeon training
  • Surgeon negligence or recklessness

In all of these situations, patients may face serious health risks from robotic surgery procedures.

Speak with a Robotic Surgery Attorney in New Hampshire

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