$1.5 million settlement for failure to act on blood test results

A doctor who failed to hospitalize a 52-year-old man whose blood test results showed a life-threatening infection has paid $1.5 million to the the man’s wife and three young children. The doctor denied being aware of the man’s severely elevated white blood cell count until after he was taken to another hospital, where he died of the infection, and testified that, had he been aware of the result, he would have hospitalized the man immediately. Crowe & Mulvey successfully uncovered evidence to show that a doctor had accessed the test results on his office computer much earlierthtan he claimed, and told the man that it was “probably a virus.” The defendant claimed that, even if he had sent the man directly to the hospital, the infection had progressed beyond treatment, and that the man had a severely reduced life expectancy because of his history of lymphoma.