$2.25 million settlement for birth injury

Crowe & Mulvey negotiated a $2.25 million settlement for a young girl who suffered brain damage as a result of a lack of oxygen during labor and delivery. The mother’s labor had been stimulated with Pitocin, which resulted in fetal distress. After many hours of distress, the obstetrician first attempted a vacuum extraction, but was unsuccessful, and finally decided to perform a cesarean section. By the time they reached the operating room, the baby’s heart fate had fallen to 80 beats per minute. The anesthesia administered was inadequate for the planned Cesarean section, and there was an additional delay while adequate pain relief for the mother was achieved. The infant was born one hour after the decision was made to perform a cesarean delivery. By that time, she was not breathing, and her heart rate was 60. She required resuscitation. Her Apgar scores were 4 at one minute and 7 at five minutes, and had a low cord blood gas, indicating lack of oxygen. She was diagnosed as having suffered a hypoxic ischemic injury to her brain.