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Identifying Drunk Drivers and Staying Safe

drunk driver

Every day, there are roughly 28 deaths in the United States attributed to drunk driving. That means there’s one death about every 52 minutes. It’s clear to see just how dangerous drunk driving is, and drivers must recognize the signs to stay safe.

At Crowe & Harris, LLP, we want to help you keep your safety as a top priority. Below, we will help you identify some of the common signs of drunk driving and explain what you should do if you see a potentially intoxicated driver on the road.

Signs to Look For

While you can’t predict how others will drive, you can recognize some of the signs that may indicate a driver is negligent. Here are some of the most common signs that you can look for that may indicate a drunk driver:

  • A driver who doesn’t have their headlights on at night
  • A driver who is swerving from one lane to another and back again
  • A driver who is erratically braking with nobody in front of them
  • A driver who slows down and speeds up at random

If you see a drunk driver, ensure you know what to do to stay safe.

What to Do If You Notice a Drunk Driver

If you recognize a drunk driver, the first thing to do is stay clear. Don’t try to pass the driver. Instead, make sure you stay back and behind the driver. Once you know you are clear and safe, use a hands-free device to report the driver to local law enforcement.

The sooner you can get the driver off the road, the safer you and others will be.

Our Massachusetts car accident lawyers at Crowe & Harris, LLP know how dangerous drunk drivers are. We work to provide you with the highest level of care while pursuing the compensation you need and deserve. Trust that we’ll be your guide and help you during a very challenging situation when you need us most.

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